Oyster Mushroom Extract & Strawberry Extract

Oyster Mushroom Extract Has Powerful Health and Immune Benefits


by Brien Quirk

Director of R & D


  • Potent appetite suppressant

  • Immune boosting effect in elite athletes

  • Antioxidant-antiaging

  • Cardio support

Oyster mushroom is a tasty and unique mushroom that is becoming better known to consumers due to its mild oyster taste and delicate texture. It is unique among mushrooms for having particularly strong cholesterol and triglyceride lowering effects, among other very important health benefits. Oyster mushrooms are of the genus Pleurotus, and commonly known as abalone.

The main species of Oyster Mushroom, Ostreatus pleurotus, is the one most often used medicinally and in cuisine. The large, whitish fruiting body grows on wood in shelf-like growths with wild fruiting bodies that form in the fall and winter in North America, and can appear in pale blue and pink colors.  The mushroom has many bioactive health benefits related to cardiovascular health, including potent cholesterol and lipid lowering effects, anti-diabetic/blood sugar lowering effects, liver health benefits, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Feeding a 5% mushroom powder to rats with high blood cholesterol levels reduced their plasma total cholesterol by 28%, LDL-cholesterol by an amazing 55%, and triglycerides by roughly 34%. This effect is related to decreased absorption and synthesis of cholesterol, and an increase in cholesterol breakdown and excretion.

A diet with 4% oyster mushroom significantly lowered blood sugar in diabetic rats. In diabetic patients oyster mushroom significantly reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure and lowered plasma glucose, total cholesterol and triglycerides with no change in HDL.

Oyster mushroom contains a potent appetite-reducing bioactive compound, a lectin known as POL. Food intake-suppressing activity of POL was dependent on the dose and a diet containing 0.1% POL resulted in a 50% decrease in the food intake of rats against the control.

Oyster mushroom extract has potent immune benefits. In 20 elite athletes engaged in strenuous exercise and given 100 mg of β-glucan derived from oyster mushroom, there was no loss in natural killer cell activity which would otherwise occur. The placebo group had a 28% drop (Bobovcak). In another double blind study the polysaccharide from oyster mushroom reduced upper respiratory tract infections in 50 athletes under heavy physical training.

Through antioxidant activity, oyster mushroom has an anti-aging effect and they elevated the levels of several internal antioxidants in aged rats to levels typically found in young rats.

Oyster mushroom contains a host of health promoting bioactive compounds: monacolins (same as in red yeast rice), lipids, sterols, lipophilic vitamins, B vitamins, mono-, oligo- and polysaccharides, amino acids, peptides, and some enzymes.

Draco supplies a pleasant tasting full spectrum, water soluble, extract of Oyster Mushroom standardized to 10% polysaccharides for your functional food, beverage, and supplement formulating needs.


Strawberry Extract

Anti-aging Bioactive with UV-A Protection


  • UV-A radiation induces lesions in DNA

  • Generates free radicals

  • Photoprotective activity in human dermal fibroblasts exposed to UV-A radiation

  • Increases cellular viability and diminishes DNA damage

  • Strawberry polyphenols are strong antioxidants

  • Anti-inflammatory


Aging of the skin is accelerated by exposure to UV-A from the sun. Although the UV-B portion causes sunburn and dry or leathery skin, it is not the part of the UV spectrum known to cause DNA damage.

The UV-A part of sunlight has a more insidious effect by not burning the skin or causing visible redness but rather has the ability to cause DNA damage. UV-A is used in tanning salons at higher concentrations since it is less likely to burn the skin, and UV-A can easily travel through glass, whereas UV-B does not.

Exposure to UV-A radiation causes lesions in DNA and generates free radicals that lead to an increased aging rate of the skin, and skin cancer.

Strawberry polyphenols and anthocyanins have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities that protect human dermal fibroblasts against UV-A radiation.

A placebo controlled study found that strawberry extract had good photo-protective activity in fibroblasts derived from human cell lines exposed to UV-A radiation by increasing cellular viability and reducing DNA damage (Giampieri).

Although UV sunblock agents might block part of UV-A it does nothing to provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection to the skin.

Make sure your latest cosmetic formulation or sun screen contains the benefits of strawberry extract for added protection from the sun.

Draco supplies a full spectrum, water soluble, bioavailable Strawberry, 20:1 extract for all your formulating needs and can also provide a custom extract standardized to polyphenols.


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References for both articles are available upon request.

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