A Passion for Sustainability

At Draco Natural Products, we are passionate about health and healing. We do our best to deliver safe, pure, natural, organic botanical ingredients so that our customers can receive optimal health benefits. This passion for healing also extends to the health of the planet we all share. We realize that running a company, however well intentioned, inevitably impacts the environment in some way. We strive to make sure that we leave as light a footprint as possible.

Organic Certification

Draco is firmly committed to Organic Certification. It helps the consumer by ensuring clean natural chemical-free products, and it helps preserve the land where the plants are grown or found. We work closely with our farmers to help them achieve and maintain organic certification, and provide them with a direct market for their crops. Our manufacturing facility is certified organic to both USDA NOP and European EC 834/2007 standards so that crops that start out organic result in extracts that are too.

Ethical Wildcrafting

For those plants that are abundant in nature or which resist effective cultivation, Draco practices ethical wildcrafting. Because wild plants are often more efficacious, better than 2/3 of our products are made from ethically wildcrafted plants. We always take care not to wildcraft in areas that may be affected by pollution and take only partial harvests of the healthiest plants, leaving mature seed producing plants or seeds behind to reproduce. We are careful to select the correct species, to avoid over harvesting an area, and to protect local endangered species from harm. We also take care to tread lightly on the land, cleaning up the area and filling in holes. As a result, our wildcrafting areas stay strong, abundant and healthy year after year.


Land Stewardship

We consider our ongoing relationship with the natural bounty of the land to be stewardship, a process of taking care of the earth so that we can receive its gifts in continuity and without degradation. We actively monitor our wildcrafting stands over multiple years to ensure the survival and ecological balance of the stand.


We also believe that it is important to take a leadership role with our sustainable practices. We hope to inspire other companies to take steps to care for the planet as well. For example, we were the first processor of botanical extracts in China to achieve organic certification.

Draco’s Good Sustainability Practices

Organic Farming

  • No chemical fertilizers are used, which not only contaminate the soil, but can cause the release of damaging nitrogenous greenhouse gasses.
  • Addition and reuse of organic matter helps the soil retain nutrients rather than leaching.
  • Less irrigation water is needed because higher amounts of soil organic matter help to better hold soil moisture.

Extraction Processing

  • Extracts are processed in pure, clean filtered water.
  • No industrial solvents, petrochemicals, or other toxins are used.
  • Water used in processing is thoroughly treated and reused either in the facility or back at the farm.
  • Filtration and ozone sterilization are used to treat the water, rather than toxic chlorine.
  • Exhausted herb marc (cellulose) is reused wherever possible as animal feed or fertilizer.

Organic Corn Fermentation

  • No toxic waste is created during fermentation as controlled use of organisms prevents toxin formation.
  • Biogas from bio-reactor fermentation is used to provide heat for both the process and facility.
  • Both passive and active solar heating system are also used to provide thermal energy for operations.
  • No petrochemicals are used in the processing of our Organic Glycerin – or any other product.

Organic Corn Recycling

  • Waste cob and corn stover is fermented to animal feed or fertilizer through silage fermentation.
  • Corn stalk waste that cannot be used on fields is combined with manure to produce biogas and fertilizer.
  • The biogas is used at the farm for heating, drying, and other operations.
  • Unused components of the corn kernel are utilized to make corn oil, corn protein and CSL (corn steeping liquid). All are high in nutrients for animal feed, and are used as starting culture for fermentation.
  • Unused corn silk is utilized for extraction of its beneficial medicinal components.

Facility Practices

  • Draco’s manufacturing facilities use the latest in energy and building materials conservation to ensure the highest ratings of energy efficiency.
  • Internally, we have well established Reduce, Reuse, Recycle programs for all offices and facilities.