About Action Synergized Formulas


Understanding Action Synergized Formulas

Why Draco Formulas?

The methodology to produce an herbal formula with maximum efficacy and minimal side effects represents a significant challenge from both a clinical and technological standpoint. With Traditional Chinese Medicine as a foundation, we add a hefty dose of modern pharmacognosy to create the right combination and balance of herbs for an optimum formula.  Our in-house staff of top notch researchers, our close affiliation with world class medical universities, and our state of the art research and development lab facilities give us the technological edge necessary to produce a finely crafted formula extract.

The attention to detail that goes into carefully monitoring our process from plant cultivation to preparation of a superior quality extract extends to our formulation labs. From seed to drum, we thoroughly test product quality every step of the way. At the other end, we are also very active in testing product safety and efficacy.

What makes Draco the supplier of choice when it comes to superior herbal formula extracts?

1.) Action Synergized™ – Draco’s formula extracts are Action Synergized™, combined before extraction to allow the herbs to “inter-react” during the extraction process. In accord with Traditional Chinese Medicine, mixing the herbs together before extraction takes full advantage of the synergy of the herbs, better allowing them to work together in the body. This is the way it has been done in medicinal teapots in Chinese hospitals and clinics on millions of patients for over 5,000 years.

2.) Homogenous – Draco formula extracts are homogenous. Because the herbs are combined before water extraction, each particle in a Draco formula powder comprises all the herbs in the formula, allowing for greater manufacturing control. Gone are the hassle and unpredictability of mixing formula ingredient powders with varying mesh sizes and bulk densities. Settling and poor blending concerns are simply non-issues with our homogenous formulas.

3.) Full Spectrum Certified – With a proprietary low temperature extraction technology, our flagship line of Full Spectrum Standardized Herbal Extracts™ is standardized to recognized markers, while giving you the full range of plant constituents in the balanced proportion that nature intended. We produce our formula extracts with the same technology, pulling the full range of even the most stubborn constituents into the extract through iterative herb marc exhaustion. Because of this, gone are your worries about disproportionate constituent representation, such as in formulas that were produced in confusing “ratio-dependent” hydro-alcohol solutions. Our unique extraction technique, accurately reproducing “nature’s balance”, enables a quantum leap beyond previous limitations of formulation development in the industry.

4.) Batch to Batch Consistent – After processing the first formula run, carefully exhausting all herb marc, we use HPTLC to determine an exact fingerprint of the formula. This provides a baseline for precise process control on later production runs. Each run is then monitored with HPTLC and compared to ensure that it is within tight formulation tolerances.

5.) Pure Water – All of Draco’s herbal formulas are extracted in clean, pure, natural water. This safe, natural method of processing means that you don’t have to be concerned about residues that may be left behind from industrial solvents like hexane, alcohol, or acetone.

6.) Carrier Free – We do not use excipients or carriers such as corn starch, maltodextrin, or herb marc as substrate material. Draco formulas are pure extract. Beverage manufacturers love the super low residue properties of these extracts for a myriad of beverage applications. Food and Cosmetic manufacturers are excited about finally getting an herbal raw material that provides optimal therapeutic efficacy with minimal structural interference.

7.) Quality – We’re absolute sticklers for quality. We control the entire process vertically, from the seed in the ground to the powder in the drum. All of our products are produced in-house in our state-of-the-art 120,000 square foot GMPISO9001:2008 certified and kosher certified manufacturing facilities. As a processor, we are also certified organic, so we can provide you with herbal extracts and Action Synergized Formulas™ that are certified organic to either NOP or EU guidelines. The bottom line is: our aim far exceeds superior quality. We are here to bring you true world class product excellence.