Action Synergized Formulas


Action Synergized Formulas

Draco Natural Products, Inc. is the worldwide technology leader in the manufacture of Action Synergized™ Formulations. With cutting-edge processing technology incorporating latest advances in herbal research, we are committed to bringing you the utmost in superior quality herbal raw materials.

Action Synergized™ Formulations are:

1. Combined before extraction

2. Homogenous

3. Full Spectrum

4. Batch-to-batch consistent

5. Extracted in pure, clean, natural water

6. Carrier Free

7. Certified for quality

Your Draco Partnership

When you choose Draco to be your herbal products formulator of choice, you are not just purchasing a line of products, you are enlisting a research partner prepared to assist you in meeting your goals for a superior product line. We can help you build your custom line of herbal formula products in several different ways:

1.) A wide selection of preformulated extracts is available for private label use. We have a fully researched line of ready-to-use formulas, each of which have been produced with a particular structure/function in mind. We rely on both traditional use and current scientific research to create the most efficacious formulas possible.

2.) You may bring us your own formulation which we can produce into a Full Spectrum Action Synergized™ Formula Extract using our unique technology. We can be very instrumental in helping you manifest your own fully realized ideas. Think of the possibilities!

3.) We can provide you with solutions to your formulation ideas. If you have ideas on the type of formula you would like to offer, or maybe some key ingredients that you would like to use, our expert team of formulators can use these ideas as a backbone to custom develop a formula extract for you. We’ll add support herbs and/or adjust proportions, to balance and maximize the synergy of the herbs for the desired therapeutic application.

4.) We can provide you with needed technical assistance in the development of your formula product. If you have questions about the pharmacological or clinical effects of individual herbs, or herb/herb and herb/drug interactions, our expert research staff can assist you with your questions.

Whatever your herbal formulation needs are, from superior extracts to custom formulation, Draco Natural Products can provide for you. And, oh, did we forget to mention? We also offer some of the most competitive prices and quickest turnaround on custom orders in the industry. Give us a try, because at Draco, we have your formula for success.

For a more in-depth understanding of Action Synergized™ Formulas, see the article in this section called Understanding ASF.