Fruit & Vegetable Phytoconcentrates

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Full Spectrum Phytochemical Rich Extract Ingredients

In order for us to maintain good health, it is important to have a well rounded diet, preferably one that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and Vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and carbohydrates that are essential fuel for the body.  While fruits and vegetables can promote health as food for our daily meals, the chemical compounds that comprise them can also be concentrated into a powerful extract form to provide some surprising benefits.

Draco Natural Products introduces a full line of highly concentrated Fruit and Vegetable Extracts. The line includes extracts of a large selection of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and spices. They can be used in a wide range of functional foods, beverages and dietary supplements.

As with herbs, fruits and vegetables can help build and protect the body, tonify organs and metabolic systems, and provide symptomatic relief.  For skin care, there are several extracts that are ideal for inclusion in topical products. A whole new world of products is possible with these potent and convenient ingredients.

Examples of Fruit and Vegetable Bioactivity

The examples below provide some insight into uses and benefits of selected fruit and vegetable extracts. All of these botanicals have particular health benefits when ingested internally. Many of them are also effective topically. The last 6 botanicals provide examples of topical benefits.  Click an image to launch slideshow.