Understanding Vital Spectrum™ Extracts


Understanding Vital Spectrum™ Extracts

What is a ratio-based herbal extract?

A ratio based herbal extract is made by extracting the biochemical constituents of a plant from its cellular structural components using a liquid solvent. Draco uses only water as a solvent. The ratio refers to the weight of dry plant material used to produce 1 kilogram of extract. If the extraction process yields an extract of higher concentration than specified, the extract is adjusted with the addition of an excipient like maltodextrin. All ratio-based extracts are verified by HPTLC fingerprint.

What are the advantages of Vital Spectrum™ Ratio-Based Herbal Extracts over ground raw herbs?

apply1. The first advantage of Vital Spectrum™ extracts is their higher concentration. Insoluble plant materials like cellulose have been removed, leaving a full spectrum of botanical chemical constituents in a concentrated form. Higher concentration means that a single dose takes up less room in the capsule or other delivery system, leaving more room for other ingredients.

apply2. Another advantage is potency. When the therapeutic chemical constituents in the herb are freed from their cellular matrix during extraction, they are more readily bioavailable. The work required by the digestive system to access the beneficial compounds in the herb has already been performed by the extraction process.

apply3. Ground herbs may have high microbiological plate counts. In a typical operation, it is not uncommon for dirt, bird droppings, mold and other foreign materials to make their way into the grinding equipment. Draco’s extraction process eliminates these materials – and your concerns! Bacterial plate counts calculated as live aerobic bacteria organisms per gram typically measure from 100,000 to over 1 million in ground herbs, whereas in Draco Vital Spectrum™ extracts, they average less than 3,000.

What are the advantages of Vital Spectrum™ Ratio-Based Herbal Extracts over other ratio-based extracts?

apply1.The single most important advantage is Quality. Vital Spectrum™ extracts are produced using the same process and equipment as Draco’s premium line of Full Spectrum Standardized Herbal Extracts™. Although Vital Spectrum™ extracts are not standardized to a marker compound, they are extracted to contain a full spectrum of whole plant chemical constituents in the balanced proportions that nature intended.

apply2. Vital Spectrum™ extracts are extracted in pure water. They are never produced with alcohol or other industrial solvents like hexane or acetone that can leave behind residue traces. We also take special precautions to assure that our herbs are free from pesticides like quintozene, and below very stringent limits on heavy metals like lead. Our ratio-based extracts are pure and simple, clean and natural.

apply3. Because our quality assurance is vertically integrated, you can be sure that the extract you order is the right species without aldulteration from extraneous plant material.

apply4. To insure your accuracy in controlling dosage levels, we adjust our Vital Spectrum™extracts to your specified concentration using only pure food grade maltodextrin. The result is a homogenous water soluble powder, ready for a wide range of product applications.

Why is Draco the most trusted brand of herbal extract raw materials from China?

apply1. Our fully staffed headquarters office based in the United States approves all incoming extract materials according to stringent US standards of quality, with a regular schedule of US based outside independent laboratory verification.

apply2. Our brand new state-of-the-art 125,000 square foot manufacturing facility in China is ISO 9001:2000 Certified, Kosher Certified, and adheres to cGMP Standards. Additionally, the manufacturing facility is Certified Organic to both NOP and EU guidelines, so that we may provide you with clean, pure certified organic ingredients to meet your strictest requirements.

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