X6 Biolamina™ Sea Kelp Extract

X6 Biolamina Sea Kelp Extract

Draco X6™ Bio-Lamina
Fermented Kelp Powdered Extract

A Revolutionary Hair Care System

Draco’s new X6™ Bio-lamina Fermented Kelp Powdered Extract makes possible an entirely new and improved method of hair care.  The special properties of X6™ allow developers to create a simple one-step hair care product that solves the problems inherent in existing shampoo/conditioner dual product systems or “2-in-1” products.  Conventional hair care systems use an excess of harsh and potentially damaging surfactants (soaps) to remove dirt and oils from the hair, then rely on conditioners to slowly repair the shampoo-induced damage.  2-in-1 systems try to accomplish the same process in one step with ingredients that inefficiently act against each other in the same product.  Draco’s X6™ cleans hair safely and efficiently in one easy step using minimal surfactants, while instantly preserving and enhancing the oils in the hair, and avoiding the damage and repair cycle of conventional hair care.  The result is beautiful, healthy, manageable hair in one quick step!

Conventional Shampoo and Conditioner Mechanism

  • First a water rinse wets the hair, then shampoo is applied with hand rubbing. Surfactants in the shampoo cause lathering and demulsification of the shampoo.
  • Dirt, oil and other substances stick to the shampoo lather and get washed off.
  • Conventional shampoos also contain silicone oils to protect the hair and these are released during lathering.
  • Problem: 90% of the silicone oils are wasted because they are removed by the surfactants in the shampoo during lathering. The manufacturer has to add excess silicone oil to offset this inefficiency.  After shampooing, the hair is clean, but is unavoidably dry, tangled, and possibly damaged.
  • Conditioner is then applied for 1-2 minutes to add oils back into the hair to control damage to the hair shaft and make the hair manageable again. Time consuming and costly use of materials.
  • Conventional “2-in-1” hair care systems have the same problem with excess surfactants opposing oils, causing potential damage to the hair, and using a 90% inefficient repair/conditioning mechanism.

New Easier X6 Method

  • Hand rubbing creates shampoo lathering and demulsification as in conventional shampoo systems.
  • Long polysaccharide chains (+) in the fermented kelp create a net that wraps around each hair strand (-).
  • The nets have compartments that efficiently trap the silicone oil from the shampoo onto the hair shaft, as shown.
  • The polysaccharide nets (in red) are broken by instant flocculation when the shampoo is diluted during rinsing.
  • The silicone oils in the shampoo are released onto the hair, conditioning and repairing damage instantly.
  • A high rate of demulsification lowers raw material costs: less surfactant and less silicone oil is needed.

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