Understanding Vital Treasures™


Understanding Vital Treasures™

Scientific research as well as a rich well of wisdom and empirical use from Traditional Chinese Medicine has provided us with a wealth of information about how herbs can help the skin. Primarily, they can be used as anti-aging agents for the skin, but they each add to the longevity of the skin in a particular way:

We have organized our thinking about Vital Treasures™ Botanical Ingredients for Cosmetics and Personal Care Applications around the primary applications themselves. We have designated seven main application groups for the botanicals, based on the primary modes of action of botanicals in skin care ingredients, as well as several additional application categories.  To see this mapped out by ingredient, please see our product matrices.

The seven main application groups are:

applyMicrocirculation – Several herbs, likeGinkgo or Tribulus, improve circulation to the peripheral blood vessels in the skin.

applyMetabolic and Cell Physiology – Ginseng, Mulberry and Astragalus are examples of herbs that have been shown to enhance skin cellular metabolism.

applyStructural Matrix / Skin Tone – Herbs such as Eucommia, Foti, and Gotu Kola help the skin to maintain the collagen “scaffolding” of the skin that gives the skin its supple firmness.

applyAnti-inflammatory and Antioxidant – Herbs like White Tea or Calendula are powerful free radical scavengers that help to prevent and repair environmental and age related damage to the skin. Many of the antioxidant herbs are also anti-inflammatory, reducing the redness and swelling of sunburn, for instance.

applyImmunity – Astragalus, Ligustrum, Green Tea, and Milk Thistle are examples of herbs that ease the skin’s burden of protecting the body from invasion by enhancing the immune response of the body.

applySkin Lightening and Wound Healing – Licorice, Ligusticum and Polygonum cuspidatum are used for lightening the skin.

applyYin / Yang – Some herbs have a warming effect on the metabolism, others have a cooling effect. These properties can positively affect the skin for various intended applications.

Other Application Categories (also in the Product Matrices):

  • Varicose Veins / Acne / Rosasea / Bruises
  • Anti-microbial / Warts / Infections / Acne
  • Dental Health: Teeth & Gums
  • Antihistamine / Allergies / Rashes / Redness
  • UV Absorption & Protection
  • Anti-aging / Skin Cell Renewal
  • Surfactant / Cleansing / Emulsifier
  • Moisturizing
  • Muscle Relaxant
  • Hair Growth
  • Topical Pain Relief

For in depth information on which extract ingredient shows efficacy in each application group, we have produced Product Matrices, (a set of PDF’ files) which shows how Vital Treasures™ products function in a range of applications.  To access these Product Matrices,, please register with our website in the footer below to enter our members area.  For more information, please click here:

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